Matthew Spear, Executive Vice President

Sapere Wealth Management, LLC

James is an exceptionally-talented IT technician/expert with a great attitude and impeccable character - we would give an off-the-chart recommendation to partner with James for any technical needs. At Sapere, he's been the outsourced, chief architect in constructing our VOIP-integrated network across 3 offices in Charlotte, Raleigh and Charlottesville, Virginia. James has handled every facet of this ranging from security/encryption/firewalls down to the user level issues. Notably, James has custom-built a database for us with a external web interface that acts as our intranet and has developed many customizations to handle a myriad of varying needs of our internal departments. We have also been especially impressed with his ability to "sling code" or deploying virtual environment solutions to overcome obstacles that arise in integrating systems that are not compatible or dealing with legacy software/platforms. This outside-the-box thinking has been paramount for us as we're in hyper-growth mode and needing solutions that are both fast and economical. In sum, James has been an extremely valuable player on our technology front and we would commend his firm's services without reservation, trusting with utmost confidence that you will find similar success in partnering with James and his firm.

Josh Collins

Benham Real Estate Group

We are currently using it [a custom Amazon S3/NAS integration project that we did for them] in our office, Minneapolis, and Atlanta. Our total bill last month was $2.80. Everyone who uses it is thrilled...it has totally revolutionized us!

Dr. Carroll Smith

Childlight USA

I have been working with James on the ChildLightUSA website. He is incredibly dependable and creative in his ability to problem solve. He works with the most high regards for truth, honesty, integrity. When I tell him that some part of the website is not working it is repaired almost immediately. I recommend James joyfully because it is such a pleasure to work with him and to communicate with him. It is very hard to only be able to check three of the attributes. All of them easily match with the type of person is and the work he does.

Shawn Croswell,  Senior Security Engineer


The only 'negative' thing I could say about James Schorr is that I did not get to work with him enough. If I had met James earlier, I could have cut my resolution time on many issues and projects in half. James is not only extremely knowledgeable with his primary tasks, but he makes himself aware of those around him as well. He knows how his work integrates with the environment, how it may affect others, and how they may affect him. This proactive approach not only minimizes the chance of a problem, but greatly reduces troubleshooting time should a problem occur. I would not hesitate to recommend James and look forward to an opportunity to work with him again. He has the hard to find combination of positive attitude and technical ability that makes problem solving enjoyable.