Remote Support

We offer remote support for servers, desktops, networks, and more (billable at the applicable rate) on an appointment basis. This enables us, in many cases, save time and money for our clients (as we can respond more quickly and they avoid trip expenses).

Secure Remote Support Tool

We have invested in a secure remote support tool called Team Viewer that enables us to connect to your computers in most cases. In order for us to support you remotely, please contact us to schedule a time and then run one of our following support tools:


Once you have downloaded the tool, simply run it (keep it running), and let us know the unique ID so that we can connect to you. 

Have a cellphone with QR Code capabilities? Simply scan the below code to quickly download Quick Support:



Note: For non agreement-based clients, we require an upfront, retainer for our services. This retainer will be applied against the generated invoice.