Our Policies

3rd Party Copyright Compliance

We are very careful to honor software copyrights and abide by the following:

  • We do not ever install software that we've determined or discovered to be:
    • pirated
    • stolen
    • has the wrong license type (e.g. using a 'home edition' product in a business environment)
    • has an insufficient number of licenses
  • We will be happy to investigate the proper licensing of a product and educate our clients on how to properly comply with the licensing.  That being said, we are not lawyers, so we do ask that the client take full responsibility for the software that they use.
  • Where practical, we use Open Source software and are very careful to comply with all licenses that may be included.

Unethical or Immoral Projects

We reserve the right to refuse to participate or work on any projects that we have deemed to be immoral or unethical in nature.  In such instances, we will let our clients know as soon as possible.


We do not: bad-mouth our competition, attempt to undercut them, or attempt to steal their business.  We firmly believe that the exceptionally high, proven quality of our work speaks for itself.  We frequently partner with existing IT and vendors, keeping our client's best interests in mind.


We do not work on poor quality projects and do not copy the work of others.  We will gracefully refuse such work.  We also do not "reinvent the wheel" and sometimes redirect development projects to using existing software that we feel has sufficient quality.


As our values page states, we highly value honesty.  Our relationship with our client requires honesty from all parties involved.  We reserve the right to refuse any work for clients that we feel are involved in dishonest or unethical practices, as we do not want to assist in their "success".


We reserve the right to refuse any methods, procedures, or work that we believe will adversely impact our clients' security or our own.  We do not cut corners or pair down security in order to "save" money.  We are very careful to comply with all known laws.  We notify our clients in the event of a current or impending threat and do our best to partner with our clients in order to mitigate such threats.

Bids and Proposals

We will be happy to submit a bid and/or proposal that offers a high-level overview of a project.  In-depth proposals that require more research will be charged for.

Enspiren Code Copyright, Licensing, and Source Code

We retain the copyright and source code for all of our projects and reserve the right to use the code in any form elsewhere. Our licenses grant the licensee the right to use the software for the number of licenses purchased and prohibit the modification, redistribution, publication, renting or sale of the code. Non-managed software will not be updated automatically as part of the license. Exclusive licensing may be available upon request.