Hosted Apps

Each application has been designed and developed by us from the ground up to be extremely fast, secure, and a pleasure to use. We perform extensive automated and real-world testing on all of our applications before we deem them to be production quality. We have developed and migrated a number of applications to Production for quite a few years with very few issues.  The below applications are typically hosted on a VPS on the Internet. However, custom Intranet implementations are available as well.

S3 Uploader Service

This solution enables your team to quickly and securely share files with one another, by uploading them into Amazon S3. This service is designed to be integrated with any client-owned external website, emails, etc... via a secure API. It can also be used as a stand-alone application.

Document Reading Application

This solution enables members of a team to have a centralized document repository that keeps track of important reading information. Users are able to upload documents for their team (or sub-sets of it) to read and each user is able to track their own reading progress. This application is very useful for teams of executives that need to keep up with various business reading material.

Group Membership Application

This solution enables membership management and is especially useful to churches and other groups. It features: event management, email subscriptions, membership management, and more.

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