Custom Development

We offer a wide range of custom development (programming) and design services for numerous operating systems and databases. We work hard to accurately assess your needs and to provide the tools that your business needs. We work very hard to ensure that our code is well-written, well-tested, concise, optimized for performance, and scalable.  Clients find that our applications are extremely fast, secure, and stable.  We've had large projects running in Production for years with no issues (not just none reported, as we get auto-alerted to every issue).  We take the time to accurately assess what our customer's needs are and utilize the best available technology to meet those needs.  Contact us at: (469) 209-5177 for assistance.

Cloud Applications

We've been developing quite a few cloud-backed and run applications, which save our clients a lot of money and IT "headaches". We work very hard to ensure that your applications are developed with best-practices and designed from the ground-up to be stable, secure, fast, and scalable.

Custom Website Applications

We specialize in custom, quality web applications (web apps), such as: S3-cloud integration, Google Apps integration, QuickBase integration, member-management, custom accounting applications, social networking, CMS, CRM systems, API services, and more. We offer custom development services for a wide variety of languages and technologies, including Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, JQuery, GoLang, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and more. We specialize in Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, and Ruby in general. We take pride in producing quality, functional, scalable, secure web applications. We offer complex API-integrated applications, including the development of custom APIs.  For instance, we can integrate the app wiith QuickBase, Google Calendar, MailChimp, Mailgun, and more.

Contact us for a demo of some of our custom applications.

Database Design & Development

We specialize in designing database backup and restoration procedures.

Hosted Applications

We have quite a few applications in Production that you can license on a hosted-basis. Click here for more information.  Our applications have proven themselves to be stable and secure over a period of years.

Recovery Development

We specialize in designing and developing comprehensive, automated backup and recovery solutions for both physical and virtual machines. Our solutions are designed to retain your data and minimize downtime.