Cloud Systems

S3 Uploader Service

We have developed our own custom S3 uploader service, which enables your team to quickly upload multiple files into S3. As with all of our applications, a great deal of care was taken to develop it from the ground up to be extremely fast, stable, and secure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We use AWS services ourselves for quite a few purposes and have a lot of experience in AWS implementations, support, and projects.

Automated Cloud Backup Solutions

We have a great deal of experience in designing and implementing secure, complex, cloud-based (as well as local), automated backup solutions. Our backup strategies feature a multi-prong approach, geared towards making sure that your data is safely stored in multiple locations and securely accessible from anywhere.

Cloud Applications

We've been developing quite a few cloud-based applications, which save our clients a lot of money and IT "headaches". We work very hard to ensure that your applications are developed with best-practices and designed from the ground-up to be stable, secure, and scalable. Click here to learn more about our development practices.

Cloud-based Drives

We can set up secure, encrypted volumes that allow for users to share documents remotely with one another. Our solutions do not require server hardware or VPN connections and enable users to easily manage their documents. We provide custom solutions that segregate out our client's data in order to provide enhanced security.  We can also setup consumer or team-based solutions such as:  DropBox®, SugarSync®, SpiderOak®, Wuala®, Google Drive®, Egnyte®, and more.

Cloud-based Servers

We can set up secure cloud-based Servers on Amazon's EC2 platform and several other vendors. This allows you to install and run your software without having to worry about infrastructure. We can set up your server completely or just get it up and running and let your IT staff handle the rest.