Data Recovery

We offer quite a few data recovery services for a wide-range of Operating Systems, including Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and others. We have had a great track record of being able to restore critical information such as documents, photos, lost emails from Outlook PST and OST files, and other data that was thought to be lost. Data recovery is often a very costly process with other firms due to the complicated and time-consuming nature of it. We offer a value-based estimate up front, which includes the probability of the data being recovered.

Data Loss Prevention

We can develop comprehensive, automated backup and recovery solutions for your business to ensure that your data is kept as safe as possible. We specialize in creating innovative, user-friendly approaches to managing your data and work hard to train our customers on best-practices as well as how to recover data quickly.


We have been successfully recovering data for over 8 years now. We have experience dealing with extremely complex data issues and recovering the data in a timely manner. Here are some of our past experiences:
  • We recovered over 25GB of mission-critical, accidentally deleted data from a file server for a business client and were able to retrieve every file, without any loss.
  • We retrieved over 10,000+ 'lost' emails from a client's Outlook files.
  • We retrieved 1000's of priceless photos from a computer that had been deemed a lost cause by others.
  • A hard drive deemed irrecoverable by two other IT groups was sent to us and we were able to retrieve over 1700 important files from it.

Please note that we do not have clean-room facilities, so we are sometimes unable to recover data from drives that have extensive physical damage.