IT Consulting

We have been able to consistently accomplish great results for our customers, saving them a great deal of time and money. We are very experienced in a wide range of technologies, systems and business work flows. We work hard to carefully and accurately assess our customers' needs, in order to ensure that the solution that is implemented will be provide long-term value. Unlike traditional consulting, we are not limited to merely theory or ideas, but are able to design, develop and implement long-term solutions– what we call "hands-on consulting". 

Our consulting services include: server and system administration (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Exchange), virtual machines, domain administration, software installations and deployments, source code review, security audits, IT process and procedure review, ITIL services, network support, and more. We also offer managed IT service agreements. We currently manage quite a few servers (cloud, dedicated, virtualized private servers (VPS), etc...).


We believe in spending some time with you assessing your business or personal IT needs in order to provide you with satisfying, comprehensive solutions. Instead of force-fitting a program or system into your environment, we make sure that we fully understand your setup so that we only offer what will truly benefit your business.


Very few firms can boast of an in-depth knowledge of numerous systems and technologies, but we can! We possess in-depth knowledge of numerous operating systems, programs, databases, domain services, best-practices and servers. We are extremely creative and resourceful, often accomplishing in hours what other firms have spent days, weeks or even months on. We have consistently found ways around seemingly impossible situations.


We believe that consulting is incomplete without the hands-on work to truly bring change. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to dive in and bring lasting, postive change. Instead of spending hours pontificating on how things should be, we develop a realistic, scaleable plan and then dive-in to accomplish it. We involve the customer as much as they desire to be and insure that they understand the value and long-term implications of the change(s).


We welcome the opportunity to establish an agreements-based relationship with you. Our customers often prefer this, as they can rest assured that their IT needs will be given our highest priority on a pre-determined schedule and cost structure. We frequently exceed our customers' expectations.