Hosted Email

Tired of your current, antiquated email system? We can help. We have successfully migrated quite a few clients to both hosted Exchange as well as Google Apps over the years.

Office 365

Exchange is perhaps the most robust email product on the market today. It works seamlessly with many mobile devices and is pretty reliable.  We focus on making sure that your transition is as seamless as possible. We pay special attention to ensuring that the end users are able to keep on working as we migrate their email. We offer support on the service as well as the end-user side, including help with email clients for all Operating Systems. We only utilize top-notch Exchange hosting companies and work closely with them to ensure that all parties are on the same page before, during, and after migration.

Google Apps

Google Apps (especially the Business version) is a fantastic solution for smaller businesses. Email is powered by Gmail, which is often familiar to users, it comes with quite a few features, and is easy to use.  As of 2012, Google Apps has improved quite a bit in speed and stability.  We are very experienced in migrations to Google Apps.  With the newly added Google Drive and Google+ (including Hangouts) integration, it's improved even more.

In-House Exchange

While we no longer recommend in-house Exchange to clients (since we believe that having in-house Exchange benefits IT companies rather than the client, which is wrong), we do offer extensive consulting support for in-house email servers.

On-Premise/In-House Email

We realize that a lot of clients just aren't ready to move to one of the above solutions and need help with managing their current email. We have extensive experience in quite a few email systems and are very-well versed in dealing with various delivery issues, backup and recovery, email client software, etc...